Mydata/Mycronic MY500

We received a Mydata MY500 Jet Printer this week that we will begin processing for spare parts.  Short list right now is X and Y amps, power supplies, motion controllers etc.  We will have a full parts list cataloged soon.  If you should need something in the interim please contact us at or 813-880-8262

NEW Universal GSM Nozzles

Just received a stack of UIC GSM Nozzles today and they are NEW.  The following part numbers are available.


51305013 340F

51305102 234F

51305101 125F

51305110 160F

51305104 120F

51305105 10MPF

51305106 08MPF

47717021 095F

47561101 10MPF

51305201 234F

47995019 042F

51305206 125F

48830009C PTF

4656204 234F PTF

46565206B PTF

Busting at the Seams

Our In Circuit parts inventory is at an all time high right now and we need the space.  The following are just some of what we need to sell E4000-66550 Hybrid Double Density E4000-66540 Hybrid Double Density E4000-66512 Control XT E4000-66532 ASRU C 9004-0384 128 Card – UltraPin 1 9004-0385 124 Card – UltraPin 1 9004-0246 121 Card…

Parts in Stock


MyData Ed-1 Hydra replacement board, controls everything on the HYDRA, but the motors
Filter Fan ZFF250/115VAC for Mydata MY9, M12, M15 and M19 Machines
MYDATA Part Number L-029-0373-4
MYDATA Part Number L-019-0037-3D
MYDATA Part Number L-029-0276-2B
MYDATA Part Number L-029-0276-3B
MYDATA Part Number L-029-0243-3
MYDATA Part Number L-019-0803-3C
MYDATA Part Number L-019-065-01
MYDATA Part Number L-019-0025-6
MYDATA Part Number L-019-0009-5
MYDATA Part Number L-022-0105B
MYDATA Part Number L-019-0029

In Circuit Test Parts available

We have an excess of In Circuit Test Parts in stock.  Includes the following

Agilent Keysight Hybrid Pin Cards

Agilent Control XT ‘s

Agilent ASRU C

Genrad Teradyne ICA

Genrad Teradyne Alliance Power Supply

Genrad Teradyne Combo 1 and Combo two pin cards

Teradyne Spectrum CC2 cards

Call us today at 813-880-8262 for pricing!