Leading 3D AOI & SPI Systems from Mek (Marantz Electronics)

Mek, also known as Marantz Electronics is renowned for its delivery of exceptional AOI and SPI technology, first-class visual inspection, advanced operator control and outstanding service and support that ultimately result in yield enhancement and improved production processes for our customers

Having introduced full 24-bit colour imaging defect detection to the electronics assembly market, we are the driving force behind important advances in desktop AOI, island AOI and inline AOI systems, including Full 3D AOI. At Mek, “Full 3D” is the measurement and complete height profile of the total PCB and with a simultaneous colour 2D scan of that same PCB.

VeriSpector AOI System

With extremely short inspection times of under 5 seconds the VeriSpector AOI system allows manufacturers to perform real time assembly and placement inspection, carry out repairs on the fly and prevent defects before they move into the next process.  In manual assembly there is a much increased risk of faults. The instant feedback provided to operators by VeriSpector, helps eliminate the risk of failures and increase the quality and effectiveness of manual and semi-automatic manufacturing processes. Significant yield improvements are realized as a result.

Inline AOI Systems

Mek Inline AOI systems can be easily positioned to fully integrate with your assembly line.

A valuable part of your workflow process, Mek inline AOI systems will directly identify errors and emerging process trends. Refining even the most complex process, they deliver optimal productivity for every electronics manufacturing environment.  Brochure PowerSpectorGTAz Inline

Desktop AOI systems

Mek desktop AOI machines offer benchtop PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage.

With similar capabilities to Mek inline equipment, improved quality and increased throughput can be achieved within a small footprint.  Brochure PowerSpectorGTAz Desktop

Pin Thru Hole AOI

The Mek SpectorBOX modular Bottom-Up AOI system is optimized for the inspection of THT solder joints and the detection of solder bridges and solder balls.

SpectorBOX bottom-up AOI is designed to inspect Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) inside solder frames, directly from the conveyor system. It is the only modular AOI in the market that can be equipped with 9 cameras: 1 top and 8 side cameras.  Brochure for SpectorBOX