October Parts Arrival

We are always looking to add to our inventory levels so we can continue supporting our customers with repairs and parts sales.  Below are just some of the items we have received and tested as good, ready to go. 9004-0406 DS Reference Board, GENRAD 9004-0225 Combo 2a Board, GENRAD 026-001-00 Ultra II 121 Pin Card,…


Teradyne Ultra 2 Cards

We received some Ultra 2 124 cards , part number 026-001-30 and Ultra 2 128L cards, part number 026-001-90.  Both of these part numbers are available for sale or as part of our repair exchange program.  Also we can help with any Teradyne repair or Ultra card repair you may need.   Contact us at…


MPM Accuflex Parts now available

We now have replacement parts for your MPM Accuflex Screen Printer.  Also if you need an install and training please give us a call.  813-880-8262 Conveyor Width Motor 1006236 Camera Encoder 755A-01 Camera Motor 1008423 Cognex MVS 8100 Frame Grabber 200-00972 Rear Conveyor Motor 1008606 Squeege Motor 1006957 Power Supply F8B6B6G3 01 Print PCB 1009071…


MY500 Inventoried and ready to go

We have completed processing the Mydata/ Mycronics Jet Printer and have the following spare parts available immediately: MY500 Conveyor Motor L-039-0105 My500 Conveyor Motor L-039-0106MY500 Camera L-039-0005 MY500 Power Amp L-039-0199 MY500 AMP PIM L-039-0007 MY500 AMP POM Unit L-039-0233 MY500 Control Interface L-039-0015 MY500 Control HUB L-039-0031 MY500 Control PIEZO L-039-0017 MY500 Control PIM…


Mydata/Mycronic MY500

We received a Mydata MY500 Jet Printer this week that we will begin processing for spare parts.  Short list right now is X and Y amps, power supplies, motion controllers etc.  We will have a full parts list cataloged soon.  If you should need something in the interim please contact us at sales@islandsmt.com or 813-880-8262

NEW Universal GSM Nozzles

Just received a stack of UIC GSM Nozzles today and they are NEW.  The following part numbers are available.   51305013 340F 51305102 234F 51305101 125F 51305110 160F 51305104 120F 51305105 10MPF 51305106 08MPF 47717021 095F 47561101 10MPF 51305201 234F 47995019 042F 51305206 125F 48830009C PTF 4656204 234F PTF 46565206B PTF