03066-04103 03066-04103 front cover – Series 1
03066-04104 03066-04104 rear cover- Series 1
03066-04106 03066-04106 lower-left side cover – Series 1
03066-04107 03066-04107 lower-right side cover – Series 1
03066-04111 03066-04111 cradle right side cover – Series 1
03066-04112 03066-04112 cradle left side cover – Series 1
03066-04114 03066-04114 keyboard tray mount – Series 1
03066-04127 03066-04127 dust cover, narrow
03066-04132 03066-04132 top cable duct (over 7 and 8) – Series 1
03066-04133 03066-04133 rear cable duct (behind 7 and 8) – Series 1
03066-04134 03066-04134 probe holder – Series 1
03066-04136 03066-04136 monitor hold-down strap – Series 1
03066-04143 03066-04143 pin protection plate spring – Series 1
03066-04145 03066-04145 left upper side cover – Series 1
03066-04146 03066-04146 right upper side cover – Series 1
03066-04301 03066-04301 anti-static device ground cover plate – Series 1
03066-21214 03066-21214 mounting post – Series 1
03066-21700 03066-21700 ground sleeve
03066-23200 03066-23200 front collar
03066-23701 03066-23701 terminal stud
03066-24100 03066-24100 insulator sleeve
03066-24143 03066-24143 pin protection plate
03066-24701 03066-24701 spring cup – Series 1
03066-24702 03066-24702 support arm spacer – Series 1
03066-24703 03066-24703 probe washer (plastic, behind probe tip)
03066-24704 03066-24704 spacer
03066-44301 03066-44301 safety shroud
03066-44302 03066-44302 tray corners – Series 1
03066-46000 03066-46000 strain relief boot
03066-60109 03066-60109 tray, printer – Series 1
03066-60112 03066-60112 tray, keyboard – Series 1
03066-60113 03066-60113 tray, monitor – Series 1
03066-61300 03066-61300 ground lead assembly
03066-61302 03066-61302 extended ground lead assembly
03066-61603 03066-61603 CBL, high-speed link cable
03066-61604 03066-61604 CBL, debug cable
03066-61615 03066-61615 CBL, fan power cable
03066-61635 03066-61635 ac power outlet assembly
03066-61636 03066-61636 CBL, system card power cable
03066-62101 03066-62101 CBL, handheld probe & cable
03066-62103 03066-62103 DD MINT Pin block
03066-63600 03066-63600 pull-down tower
03066-66201 03066-66201 PWRSUP, MPU for 3070 Series I; MPU in the Support Bay
03066-66204 03066-66204 PWRSUP, MPU for 3070 Series I; MPU in the Support Bay
03066-66500 03066-66500 PCA, Series II/3 / 79000 Mother Card
03066-67908 03066-67908 air cylinder
03066-67909 03066-67909 air quick-disconnect fitting (male)
03066-67910 03066-67910 air valve solenoid
03066-67911 03066-67911 air regulator, variable
03066-67912 03066-67912 tee extension – Series 1
03066-67913 03066-67913 rigid arm section – Series 1
03066-67918 03066-67918 tray, monitor – Series 1
03066-69602 03066-69602 PWRSUP, clamshell +5V and +24V power supplies1
03066-66501 03066-6X501 PCA, Series I Mother Card
03066-69510 03066-6×510 PCA, Control-12 Card (Series I)
03066-69511 03066-6×511 PCA, ControlPlus Card (Series II)
03066-69520 03066-6×520 PCA, HybridPlus-12 SD Pin Card (Series I)
03066-66521 03066-6×521 PCA, HybridPlus-12 SD Pin Card (Series I)
03066-66523 03066-6×523 PCA, HybridPlus-20 SD Pin Card (Series I)
03066-69530 03066-6×530 PCA, ASRU Card (Series I)
03066-69531 03066-6×531 PCA, ASRU-B Card (Series I)
03066-69532 03066-6×532 PCA, ASRU-C Card (Series II/3 / 79000)
03066-66533 03066-6×533 PCA, ASRU-D Card (Series II/3 / 79000)
03066-69560 03066-6×560 PCA, ChannelPlus Pin Card
03066-69562 03066-6×562 PCA, ChannelPlus-20 Pin Card
03066-69580 03066-6×580 PCA, Series 1 System Card
03066-69581 03066-6×581 PCA, Series 2/3 System Card
03066-69601 03066-6×601 Series I System Card Assembly (GPIO)
03066-69602 03066-6×602 Series II/3/79000 PDU Clamshell, +5V / +24V supplies with System Card(03066-6×603)
03066-69603 03066-6×603 Series II/3 / 79000 System Card Assembly (LAN)
03066-84301 03066-84301 Agilent / Keysight 3070 Test System Label
03066-90764 03066-90764 50K PPU Button
03066-90783 03066-90783 PPU Button (new style)
10833A 10833A CBL, GPIB 1 Meter Cable
10833B 10833B CBL, GPIB 2 Meter Cable
10833C 10833C CBL, GPIB 4 Meter Cable
10833D 10833D CBL, GPIB .5 Meter Cable
10833F 10833F CBL, GPIB 6 Meter Cable
10833G 10833G CBL, GPIB 8 Meter Cable
1135-0278 1135-0278 testhead tilt motor
1250-2076 1250-2076 50 ohm terminator
1251-4598 1251-4598 strain relief
1390-0906 1390-0906 key for pod door
1460-2189 1460-2189 pin protection plate spring
1510-0087 1510-0087 banana connector
1530-2252 1530-2252 gas spring
16001-0EM-0010175-03631 16001-0EM-0010175-03631 Computer
3070 Cal 3070 Cal Calibration kit for 3070
E1171A 3070 S1 Frame, HP Series 1 (4)module
E4026A 3070 S2 Frame, HP Series 2 (4)module
E9900A 3070 S3 Frame, HP Series 3 (4)module
E2190B 3070/79000 Frame, HP 79000 (1)module
E1170A 317X S1 Frame, HP Series 1 (2)module
E4025A 317X S2 Frame, HP Series 2 (2)module
E9998B 317X S3 Frame, HP Series 3 (2)module
E3770A 327x S2 Frame, HP Series 2 (1)module
E9997B 327X S3 Frame, HP Series 3 (1)module
E4005C 725/100 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
9001KR9R / 3101-2996 9001KR9R / 3101-2996 EMO Switch for 3070 (2 pcs switch & contact block)
A1280A A1280A Computer, HP UNIX Controller
A7818A A7818A Computer, Windows PC Based Controller
ANA-6911A/TX ANA-6911A/TX Networkcard for Agilent / Keysight controller
B1000 B1000 Unix Controller
A4323A B180L Computer, HP UNIX Controller
B2000 B2000 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
C110 C110 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
A4318A C200 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
C240 C240 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
C2731A C2731A HP Computer
C31C515603 C31C515603 Printer, Serial
C31C518603 C31C518603 Printer, Parallel
C3600 C3600 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
C3750 C3750 Computer, HP UNIX Controller
C53150C C53150C Camera Box
C6388-63002 C6388-63002 External Hard Drive
C6390-60002 C6390-60002 External Hard Drive
CD0276-00A CD0276-00A Large MPU cable (Series 2/3)
CD0361-00A CD0361-00A Small MPU cable (Series 2/3)
CD0606-00A CD0606-00A Cable, Adapter (to allow using a Series 2/3 MPU, replacing a blue LH unit)
E9000-68500 D2E133-C133-56 BLOWER, ebm-pabst blower for Agilent / Keysight cage doors
E1046-69522 E1046-6×522 PCA, HybridPlus-6 SD Pin Card (Series I)
E1046-69525 E1046-6×525 PCA, HybridPlus-6 SD Pin Card (Series I)
E1061-66502 E1061-66502 PCA, C&D Card
E1061-69501 E1061-6×501 PCA, AccessPlus Pin Card
E1062-80000 E1062-80000 interconnect panel
E1063-61637 E1063-61637 CBL, General-Purpose port cable
E1065-61620 E1065-61620 CBL, BNC instrument cable
E1066-61620 E1066-61620 CBL, dual banana plug instrument cable
E1068-61620 E1068-61620 CBL, SMB instrument cable
E1071-80000 E1071-80000 CBL, terminal block interconnect cable
E1072-80000 E1072-80000 CBL, VXI interconnect cable
E1085-26000 E1085-26000 module removal tool
E1085-26001 E1085-26001 personality module insertion tool
E1085-26002 E1085-26002 STS module insertion tool
E1085-26003 E1085-26003 anti-static pad for module replacement
E1085-69502 E1085-6×502 PCA, Serial Test Pin Card
E1085-69505 E1085-6×505 STS module
E1085-69510 E1085-6×510 STS module Rev. B
E1085-69511 E1085-6×511 TTL module Rev. B
E1086-69503 E1086-6×503 S-bus personality module
E1087-69504 E1087-6×504 TTL module
E1089-66506 E1089-6×506 U-bus personality module
E1092-61601 E1092-61601 CBL, +5Vdc cable to power distribution card
E1092-61602 E1092-61602 CBL, serial trigger bus cable (card-to-card) 305mm
E1092-61603 E1092-61603 CBL, serial trigger bus cable (module-to-module) 610mm
E1092-61605 E1092-61605 CBL, Series II ac power cord for LH +5V PS
E1092-61608 E1092-61608 CBL, Series II +5-Volt power cable for LH +5-Volt PS
E1092-66500 E1092-66500 PCA, Series I Power Distribution Card
E1093-61601 E1093-61601 CBL, NT/line simulation port cable 3.4m
E1094-66500 E1094-66500 C&D loop-back connector
E1114 E1114 Vacuum Valve Genrad I series
E1121-69526 E1121-6×526 PCA, AnalogPlus SD Pin Card (Series I)
E1131A E1131-66200 PDU E1131A replacement
E1131A E1131A PDU for HP3070
E1135A E1135A PDU
E1135B E1135B PDU
E1135C E1135C PDU
E1170-01208 E1170-01208 DUT power supply dust cover
E1170-01209 E1170-01209 DUT mounting bar
E1170-01210 E1170-01210 DUT rail
E1170-61604 E1170-61604 CBL, control cable (System Card to Control Card)
E1170-61607 E1170-61607 CBL, DUT power supply cable
E1172-69524 E1172-6×524 PCA, AnalogPlus Pin Card (E1121-66526 is a direct replacement for this obsolete card)
E1214-69501 E1214-6X501 PCA, 82000 SPARE
E2078A/82350A E2078A/82350A Computer, HP Windows Controller
E3700-04148 E3700-04148 cover, main
E3700-04149 E3700-04149 cover, main, Telecom
E3770-00122 E3770-00122 cover, left cradle side
E3770-00134 E3770-00134 cover, bottom
E3770-00173 E3770-00173 cover, rear
E3770-01200 E3770-01200 bracket, DUT supply (5.25 in)
E3770-01201 E3770-01201 bracket, DUT supply left (3.5 in)
E3770-01202 E3770-01202 bracket, DUT supply right (3.5 in)
E3770-01203 E3770-01203 rail, DUT supply
E3770-01206 E3770-01206 bracket, vacuum valve
E3770-04142 E3770-04142 cover, front
E3770-44104 E3770-44104 door, foam strip
E3770-44301 E3770-44301 safety shroud
E3770-67900 E3770-67900 vacuum valve assembly
E3770-67902 E3770-67902 vacuum plumbing #1
E3770-67903 E3770-67903 vacuum plumbing #2
E3771A E3771A PVF (1 MOD; Double Density)
E4000-00120 E4000-00120 right pod cover (for E1131A PDU)
E4000-00121 E4000-00121 door, right pod
E4000-00122 E4000-00122 left pod cover
E4000-00123 E4000-00123 left pod door
E4000-00134 E4000-00134 bottom cover
E4000-00137 E4000-00137 cable channel
E4000-00139 E4000-00139 L-bracket on the pod floor
E4000-00140 E4000-00140 controller bracket
E4000-00141 E4000-00141 PDU bracket
E4000-00142 E4000-00142 pod rear panel (power bracket)
E4000-00172 E4000-00172 cover, right pod
E4000-01213 E4000-01213 safety shield
E4000-04101 E4000-04101 lower-left side cover
E4000-04102 E4000-04102 lower-right side cover
E4000-04104 E4000-04104 rear cover
E4000-04110 E4000-04110 front cover
E4000-04127 E4000-04127 dust cover, wide
E4000-04145 E4000-04145 left upper side cover (with air slots)
E4000-04146 E4000-04146 right upper side cover (with air slots)
E4000-44100 E4000-44100 2-piece foam for 725 controller
E4000-61602 E4000-61602 CBL, ASRU umbilical cable (long)
E4000-61606 E4000-61606 CBL, DUT power supply 5 & 6 cable
E4000-61610 E4000-61610 CBL, controller power cable
E4000-61611 E4000-61611 CBL, motor power cable
E4000-61612 E4000-61612 CBL, tilt actuator cable
E4000-61622 E4000-61622 CBL, Series II +5-Volt power cable for PO +5-Volt PS
E4000-61627 E4000-61627 CBL, High-speed link cable – Ribbon
E4000-61628 E4000-61628 CBL, Control cable to System Card
E4000-61629 E4000-61629 CBL, LAN cable between ControlXT/P Cards
E4000-61630 E4000-61630 CBL, LAN cable between System Card and Control XT/P
E4000-61631 E4000-61631 CBL, Control Plus to Control XT/P Adpator
E4000-61640 E4000-61640 Mini SMB 45 plug to Mini SMB 45 plug
E4000-67906 E4000-67906 controller tie-down strap
E4000-67912 E4000-67912 air regulator, fixed 40 psi
E4000-69202 E4000-6×202 MPU for 3070 Series II/3 and 79000; MPU in the Testhead
E4000-69203 E4000-6×203 PWRSUP, Series II MPU (exchange)
E4000-69213 E4000-6×213 PWRSUP, Series II MPU
E4000-69252 E4000-6×252 PWRSUP, 5v, 50A
E4000-66256 E4000-6×256 PWRSUP, Tamura +5 volt supply2
E4000-66257 E4000-6×257 PWRSUP, Tamura +24 volt supply1
E4000-66260 E4000-6×260 PWRSUP, +5-Volt STC power supply (new with Series 3 / 79000)
E4000-69512 E4000-6×512 PCA, ControlXT Card (Series 3 / 79000)
E4000-69540 E4000-6×540 PCA, HybridPlus-6 DD Pin Card (Series II)
E4000-66542 E4000-6×542 PCA, AnalogPlus DD Pin Card (Series II, 3, 79000)
E4000-69544 E4000-6×544 PCA, HybridPlus-12 DD Pin Card (Series II)
E4000-69545 E4000-6×545 PCA, HybridPlus-20 DD Pin Card (Series II)
E4000-69546 E4000-6×546 PCA, HybridPlus-6/12/20 DD PPU Pin Card (Series II)
E4000-66550 E4000-6×550 PCA, HybridPlus-Programmable DD Pin Card (Series 3 / 79000)
E4000-66551 E4000-6×551 PCA, HybridPlus-Programmable Ana DD Pin Card (Series 3 / 79000)
E4000-66552 E4000-6×552 PCA, NEW STYLE HybridPlus-Programmable 6mps DD Pin Card
E4000-66553 E4000-6×553 PCA, NEW STYLE HybridPlus-Programmable 12mps DD Pin Card
E4000-66554 E4000-6×554 PCA, NEW STYLE HybridPlus-Programmable 20mps DD Pin Card
E4000-66580 E4000-6×580 PCA, Old Style HDD card
E4033C E4033x PVF (2 MOD; Double Density)
E4045-66527 E4045-6×527 PCA, HybridPlus-6/12 SD PPU Pin Card (Series I)
E7200-60023 E7200-60023 Camera/Laser
E7200-60045 E7200-60045 5DX Inner Barrier left side
E7200-60046 E7200-60046 5DX Inner Barrier right side
E7200-60072 E7200-60072 Motion Driver Assembly
E7200-64540 E7200-64540 C & A Board Rev C
E7200-66201 E7200-66201 PWRSUP, 5DX, 5v/6a
E7200-66202 E7200-66202 PWRSUP, 5DX, 15v/4.5a
E9900-00121 E9900-00121 pod door
E9900-00122 E9900-00122 left side cover
E9900-00172 E9900-00172 pod cover
E9900-00173 E9900-00173 right top cover
E9900-00174 E9900-00174 left top cover
E9900-00207 E9900-00207 cable bracket
E9900-00211 E9900-00211 front door, 1.3-meter support bay
E9900-01002 E9900-01002 testhead filler panel (replaces the cable clamp panel 307X only)
E9900-01202 E9900-01202 top cover mounting bracket
E9900-01230 E9900-01230 EMO bracket
E9900-04103 E9900-04103 left side grille with holes for probe, debug ports, etc.
E9900-04104 E9900-04104 rear cover, with vacuum, Graphite gray
E9900-04106 E9900-04106 long rear extrusion
E9900-04110 E9900-04110 left front cover, silkscreened purple
E9900-04120 E9900-04120 right side grill with holes for probe, debug ports, etc.
E9900-04128 E9900-04128 left front cover, silkscreened black
E9900-04129 E9900-04129 cover, large, sub-assembly, Graphite gray
E9900-04130 E9900-04130 receiver cover, Graphite gray
E9900-04140 E9900-04140 module filler panel (to fill the space where there is no module)
E9900-04144 E9900-04144 rear cover, w/out vacuum, Graphite gray
E9900-04150 E9900-04150 right front cover, silkscreened purple
E9900-04151 E9900-04151 front center cover, Graphite gray
E9900-04156 E9900-04156 right front cover, silkscreened blue
E9900-04157 E9900-04157 front center cover, Pewter gray
E9900-04158 E9900-04158 rear cover, with vacuum, Quartz gray
E9900-04159 E9900-04159 rear cover, w/out vacuum, Quartz gray
E9900-04160 E9900-04160 cover, large, sub-assembly, Pewter gray
E9900-04161 E9900-04161 large receiver cover
E9900-04162 E9900-04162 receiver cover, Pewter gray
E9900-04163 E9900-04163 small receiver cover
E9900-04301 E9900-04301 testhead cover
E9900-04303 E9900-04303 cover, large flat, Graphite gray
E9900-04304 E9900-04304 cover, large flat, Quartz gray
E9900-04305 E9900-04305 cover, long, automation, Quartz gray
E9900-04310 E9900-04310 right top cover, silkscreened purple
E9900-04312 E9900-04312 right top cover, silkscreened blue
E9900-04313 E9900-04313 left top cover, silkscreened purple
E9900-04314 E9900-04314 left top cover, silkscreened black
E9900-05000 E9900-05000 module locking bracket
E9900-14110 E9900-14110 left front cover
E9900-14150 E9900-14150 right side cover
E9900-21205 E9900-21205 leveling foot, 125-millimeter (5-inch)
E9900-21207 E9900-21207 ground stud
E9900-44300 E9900-44300 large Performance Port safety shroud
E9900-44301 E9900-44301 large safety shroud (pewter gray)
E9900-44600 E9900-44600 filter, blower input
E9900-61603 E9900-61603 fan power cord
E9900-63200 E9900-63200 large vacuum manifold (4 valve)
E9900-64103 E9900-64103 bottom panel (same as top panel)
E9900-68500 E9900-68500 FAN, blower fan
E9900-69502 E9900-6×502 PCA, Hybrid32 Pin Card (Series 3 / 79000)
E9900-69504 E9900-6×504 PCA, ControlXTP Card (Series 3 / 79000)
E9927A E9927A Controller
E9990-39200 E9990-39200 module door with blower
E9997-00125 E9997-00125 front safety extrusion
E9997-00134 E9997-00134 bottom cover
E9997-00141 E9997-00141 bottom panel
E9997-04107 E9997-04107 front center cover
E9997-04114 E9997-04114 rear safety extrusion
E9997-05000 E9997-05000 module locking bracket
E9997-44300 E9997-44300 small Performance Port safety shroud
E9997-44301 E9997-44301 small safety shroud (pewter gray)
E9997-64104 E9997-64104 top panel
E9998-00142 E9998-00142 left panel
E9998-05000 E9998-05000 module locking bracket
E9998-63200 E9998-63200 small vacuum manifold
E9998-64103 E9998-64103 top panel
E9998-64104 E9998-64104 bottom panel
N1132-80000 N1132-80000 IPC Controller
N1140-69500 N1140-6×500 Hybrid 144 Channel Pin Card
N1140-80003 N1140-80003 Astec MPU Series 3 and Series 2 with mod plate model MP1-3L-1l-1P-1P-30
03066-66801 03066-66801 Control XTPA
N1807-69500 N1807-6×500 PCA, ASRUN
N7200-00002 N7200-00002 5DX, Servo Module
N7200-23605 N7200-23605 Motor, Belt XYZ
N7200-60050 N7200-60050 PCI EXPANSION
N7200-66226 N7200-66226 5DX HVPS
N7200-66236 N7200-66236 5DX HVPS
N7200-66521 N7200-66521 PCA, GALIL CARD
N7200-68203 N7200-68203 IPC
N7200-68205 N7200-68205 IPC
N7200-68701 N7200-68701 5DX Series 3 Z Axis Motor
N7200-68702 N7200-68702 5DX S3 Rotary Motor
N7200-69415 N7200-69415 LVDS
N7220-66540 N7220-66540 C & A Panel
OVS-24F-UC OVS-24F-UC 24v supply for System card
P40P47D14P1-24 P40P47D14P1-24 PDU contactor
Pay Per Use Kit Pay Per Use Kit Contains adapter, coin, cables, network gear, complete kit
SP397UC#AB2 SP397UC#AB2 3070 PC with 8.x software for testing ASRU N
TAMS 60488 TAMS 60488 TAMS HPIB Card
E1135-67900 E1135-67900 Mains Surge Protector
E3615A E3615A Agilent / Keysight DC Power Supply
E7200-66034 E7200-66034 5DX Rear Laser Assembly
E7200-66232 E7200-66232 Camera Power Supply
E7200-66400 E7200-66400 Galil 2 Motion Control PCB
E7200-66418 E7200-66418 Fastcom Four Channel RS-232
E7200-66538 E7200-66538 Interlock PCB Series 2
E7200-66540 E7200-66540 Confirmation and Adjustment Board
E7200-66590 E7200-66590 Galil 1 Motion Control PCB
N7200-68703 N7200-68703 X Y Motor – 5DX
1321.009 1321.009 Digiplan Drive Board
102168 102168 DEK Switch Air Pressure 102168
105527 105527 Power Supply PSU1 105527
107181 107181 DEK Air Cylinder 20-10s 107181
107257 107257 DEK Stepper Motor 107257
107319 107319 Drive Motor S240+500LD + 5:1 GB
107521 107521 SMC Solenoid Valve 107521
107577 107577 X Rear Stepper Motor 107577
107682 107682 RS Drive Card 107682
107684 107684 Arcom SCB34 107684
107686 107686 Arcom SCB9 Opto Isolator Board
107689 107689 PCIB40 Arcom 40 107689
107707 107707 Paste Dispense Drive Motor
107795 107795 DEK Console Keyboard
107850 107850 DEK Modified Cylinder 107850
111494 111494 DEK Multi Interface 111494
112130 112130 Magnet Holding Assembly
112292 112292 X Rear Home and X Rear Index
112389 112389 Arcom SCB40 Opto Isolator Board
112527 112527 Power Supply PSU3 112527
112528 112528 Power Supply PSU2 112528
112658 112658 Autoflex Logic Control Card
112716 112716 DEK FMI Board SMEMA
112921 112921 PIN AutoFlux Tooling DEK
113176 113176 DEK Rear Screen stop Air Cylinder
114025 114025 Euro Amp Servo Driver 114025
114547 114547 Eurostep Controller 114547
117801 117801 DEK PSU2 5V Power Supply
117811 117811 24V DC Contactor 117811
117933 117933 Stepper Motor Drive 117933
119262 119262 Front and Back Stencil Sensor
119695 119695 DEK Front X Axis Actuator/Stepper
119696 119696 DEK Rear X Axis Actuator/Stepper
119697 119697 DEK Y Axis Actuator/Stepper
125459 125459 DEK Nextmove Auto
128907 128907 Processor PCB Assembly
128908 128908 DEK 260 Energy Board 128908
128913 128913 E-Stop PCB Assembly
128985 128985 DEK 260 Pressure Pulse Unit
133126 133126 Print Carriage motor 133126
133915 133915 DEK 10″ Monitor VGA 133915
137037 137037 Arcom 8 Channel 137037
137071 137071 DEK Alignment Test Board
137086 137086 Carriage Lift Motor 137086
137325 137325 DEK 486 Mother Board
140452 140452 Screen Change Motor 140452
140463 140463 DEK PSU1 24V Power Supply
140472 140472 Belt Motor 140472
140532 140532 Interface Personality Card
140737 140737 Rising Table Motor 140737
144520 144520 DEK Camera Y Motor 144520
145009 145009 Cognex 5100 Vision Board
145014 145014 Euro Step Board 145014
145015 145015 Eurosys Controller Board 145015
145116 145116 Arcom Differential Bd. PCADADIO
145550 145550 DEK Green Camera
155510 155510 DEK Dual Stepper Driver
155518 155518 DEK Stepper Mux 155518
155729 155729 DEK Rear Rail Motor 155729
155862 155862 DEK Power Driver
155938 155938 DEK AC Power Module M23
155945 155945 DEK DC Power Module M24
157729 157729 Belt Drive Rear Rail Motor Maxon
159224 159224 DEK Motherboard
160077 160077 DEK CAN Board 160077
160286 160286 Motherboard for DEK Infinity
160457 160457 Rising Table Brake 160457
176207 176207 Vortex- Plus 600mm
176208 176208 Vortex-Plus 600 (300mm, 500mm, 600mm)
183732 183732 DEK Brushless Servo 183732
185312 185312 DEK Power Supply 185312
193409 193409 DEK Next Move Control
272599 272599 DEK Step Drive 272599
601150 601150 Lambda Vegas 650 Power Supply
260T 260T DEK Touch Screen Interface
5AX250-03 5AX250-03 DEK 260 24v Power Supply
801-8120 Cognex 8100 Frame Grabber
DE185512 DE185512 DEK Stepper Drive Board
PCB046.01 PCB046.01 DEK Opto Amplifier PCB
TPS3102S-284 ARCOM Computer Box Power supply
VPM-8100LX-DEK VPM-8100LX-DEK Cognex VPM-8100LX-DEK
VZ3120 VZ3120 DEK Screen Chase Rear Stops
15C-A030 15C-A030 MF Grid Drive Board
15C-A192 15C-A192 Gulmay Refulated Filament Board
15C-A394 15C-A394 Gulmay UF Control PCB
15C-A437 15C-A437 UF PSU PCB
17C-A006 17C-A006 Gulmay FL SUB PCB
17C-A213 17C-A213 FL Power T2 Board
3IF260.60-1 3IF260.60-1 BR Automation 3IF260.60-1
3PS465.9 3PS465.9 BR Automation 3PS465.9
5QW-105.02 5QW-105.02 Fein Focus Trivac Vacuum Pump
FN356-16-06 FN356-16-06 FN356-16-06 Power Line Filter
FXT-160.50 FXT-160.50 Fein Focus Tube
L7902 L7902 Fein Focus Xray Tube Unit
SLE 14-041 SLE 14-041 Mayser SLE 14-041 115V SAFETY CONTROL
AVME-311F AVME-311F Fuji VME AVME-311F
CACR-SR01AC1ERY102 CACR-SR01AC1ERY102 Yaskawa Servo Pack -Y102
CACR-SR03BC1KS-Y264 CACR-SR03BC1KS-Y264 Yaskawa Servo Pack -Y264
CACR-SR05BC1ES-Y278 CACR-SR05BC1ES-Y278 Yaskawa Servo Pack -Y278
CACR-SR10BC1ESY262 CACR-SR10BC1ESY262 Yaskawa Servo Pack -Y262
CACR-SR30BC1AFY244 CACR-SR30BC1AFY244 Yaskawa Servo Pack -Y244
CACR-SR44BC1CSY349 CACR-SR44BC1CSY349 Yaskawa Servo Pack -Y349
CP91D CP91D Fuji VME CP91D
FSC-30D FSC-30D Fuji VME FSC-30D
HIMV-134 B HIMV-134 B Fuji VME HIMV-134 B
IS70B IS70B Fuji VME IS70B
MPJ-1230 MPJ-1230 Fuji CP-4 Feeder Roller Height Jig
VM1932 VM1932 Fuji VME VM1932
VME 4400 VME 4400 Fuji VME Frame Grabber
3E+01 3E+01 Humphrey Solenoid  24vdc
2276-9745-00 2276 Frame, 2276
3008516 3008516 Genrad gasket material, Orange, 1/8th thick x .16 wide x 10 yds
5002265 5002265 PCA, Rocketport
44901A 03066-61627 CBL, Guided probe cable assembly
090-310-00 090-310-xx PCI-MXI-2
1761-4721 1761-4721 PCA, Single Row Extender Card
1765-9710-00 1765-9710-xxx ZIFF Connector High Density “Long”
1765-9711-00 1765-9711-xxx ZIFF Connector Standard Density “Long”
1765-9713-00 1765-9713-xxx ZIFF Connector E and I machines “Short”
1792-471800a 1792-4718-xxx PCA, GenRad (unknown)
1795-4700 1795-4700 PCA, Driver Sensor
1796-4015 1796-4015 PCA, D/S Electronic Asm
1796-4040 1796-4040 PCA, 1796 Pin Card
1796-4722 1796-4722 MISC
1796-4723 1796-4723 MISC
1796-4731 1796-4731 MISC
1796-4735 1796-4735 1796 PART
1796-4749 1796-4749 PCA, 2 Row Extender Card
1796-4763 1796-4763 MISC
180777-XX 180777-XX MXI
183617J 183617J GPIB, PCI
212-100 212-100 Programmable PS 7vdc @  35A
2190-0586 2190-0586 lock washer, 4.1-mm
2201-4032 2201-4032 MISC
2201-4703 2201-4703 FMU REG
2201-4704 2201-4704 FMU INPUT
2201-4705 2201-4705 FMU CONT
2201-4709 2201-4709 A/D Analog
2201-4710 2201-4710 Timing Output
2201-4711 2201-4711 Precision A/D Cont
2201-4712 2201-4712 Resistor Option
2201-4713 2201-4713 PCA, Zener Option
2201-4715 2201-4715 AC/DC Conv.
2201-4739 2201-4739 MISC
2201-4744 2201-4744 PGEN Control
2201-4756 2201-4756 PGEN Timing
2201-4757 2201-4757 MISC
2201-4760 2201-4760 MISC
2201-4761 2201-4761 MISC
2201-4762 2201-4762 MISC
2209-4701 2209-4701-xxx Unknown
2265-4725 2265-4725-xxx PCA, BOARD,BUS KRAMDEN
2265-4726 2265-4726-xxx PCA, CLOCK TIMER BOARD
2266-4702-00 2266-4702-xxx Instsr Mux Complete
2266-4705-00 2266-4705-xxx PCA, D/S Reference Board
2266-4706-00 2266-4706-xxx PCA, Driver Sensor Board
2266-4707 2266-4707-xxx PCA, Dig Cntrl
2266-4708-00 2266-4708-xxx PCA, ACZ Board
2266-4710-00 2266-4710-xxx PCA, Scanner Board
2266-471100B 2266-4711 PCA, 227x DC Source
2266-4712 2266-4712-00x PCA, Genrad Analog Card
2266-4712-00 2266-4712-xxx PCA, DCM Board
2266-4718-00 2266-4718-xxx PCA, CRT Board
2266-4720 2266-4720 PCA, Host Board
2266-472400B 2266-4724-xxx PCA, Genrad
2266-4729 2266-4729 GENRAD PART
2266-4737 2266-4737 PCA, GENRAD PART
2266-4739-00 2266-4739-xxx PCA, STM Board
2266-4740 2266-47xx PCA, HOST BD (May use 2266-4720)
2267-470100D 2267-4701-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 1,2(PIO)
2267-4702 2267-4702 PCA, CIRCUIT FILTER
2267-4703 2267-4703 PCA, POWER/TERMINATOR BD ASM
2267-4704 2267-4704-xxx PCA, TPS
2267-4709-00 2267-4709-xxx PCA, Scan. Con. Board
2267-4750 2267-4750 PCA, Blank Card
2272-4711-00 2272-4711-xxx PCA, High Speed Controller
2272-4729 2272-4729 PCA, Disc Drive Controller
2272-4738-00 2272-4738-xxx PCA, 2272 Board
2272-4739-00C 2272-4739-xxx PCA, LSC WITH HIGH SPEED
2272-4744-00 2272-4744-xxx PCA, Pin Board
2272-4745-00 2272-4745-xxx PCA, Ref
2272-4747 2272-4747 PCA, GENRAD PART
2272-4788 2272-4788 PCA
2272-OVP 2272-OVP PCA, GENRAD 2272 OVP
2272-W4005-01 2272-W4005-01 PCA, GENRAD PART
2275-0715 2275-0715 MISC
2275-0716 2275-0716 MISC
2275-4706 2275-4706 PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 0(kramden)
2275-4706-00 2275-4706-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 0(kramden)
2275-4712 2275-4712-xxx PCA, Genrad
2275-4714 2275-4714-xxx PCA, MUX 2
2275-4752-00 2275-4752-xxx PCA, Dual SDS Board
2276-0711 2276-0711-xxx PCA
2276-4003-00 2276-4003-xxx OVP, Diag fixture, 2276
2276-4117 2276-4117 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4201 2276-4201 PCA, 2276 Backplane
2276-4700 2276-4700 PCA, 2276 Backplane
2276-4705 2276-4705 PCA, Digital QAF Board
2276-4707 2276-4707 PCA, Clock Timer Seq
2276-471300B 2276-471300B PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4714-00C 2276-4714-00C PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4714-00E 2276-4714-00E PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4717-B 2276-4717-xxx PCA, 2276 QSDS PIN CARD
2276-4726 2276-4726 PCA, 2276 Backplane
2276-4729-015 2276-4729-015 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4730 2276-4730 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4731 2276-4731 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4732 2276-4732 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4734 2276-4734 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-473900B 2276-473900B PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4742-00 2276-4742-xxx PCA, MUX
2276-474300E 2276-4743-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 6,7(MUX)
2276-4747 2276-4747 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4760 2276-4760 PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4760-00B 2276-4760-00B PCA, GENRAD PART
2276-4704 2276-47xx PCA, Order 2276-4748 (2276 Meas)
2276e 2276e FRAME, Genrad 2276e
2277-0740-00 2277-0740-xxx OVP, Diag fixture, 2276
2277-4014-01B 2277-4014-xxx PCA, Combo 1, Thru Hole
2277-4019-00K 2277-4019-xxx PCA, DSM 64mb
227-4020-000 2277-4020-xxx PCA, Combo 1, Thru Hole
2277-4021-02A 2277-4021-xxx PCA, Combo 2, Thru Hole
2277-45000K 2277-4500-xxx MISC
2277-470200C 2277-4702-xxx PCA, GenRad (Unknown)
2277-470801C 2277-4708-xxx PCA, Genrad Long and Skinny
2277-4711-10L 2277-4711-xxx PCA, High Speed Controller
2277-4712-03H 2277-4712-03x PCA, Clock/Sync Trigger Board, ICA
2277-4716-01C 2277-4716-xxx MISC
2277-4724-01C 2277-4724-xxx PCA, Genrad
2277-4725-00B 2277-4725-xxx MISC
2277-472800G 2277-4728-xxx PCA, Combo 1, Thru Hole
2277-4734-00 2277-4734-xxx PCA, STM
2277-473600E 2277-4736-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 8 (STM)
2277-473700H 2277-4737-xxx PCA, PS Control
2277-473800N 2277-4738-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 3(DC Source Board)
2277-4739 2277-4739-xxx PCA, Genrad
2277-474100A 2277-4741-xxx PCA, Genrad (Unknown)
2277-474300F 2277-474300F PCA, Genrad pca
2276-474300F 2277-4743-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 6,7(MUX)
2277-474400F 2277-4744-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 5(ACZ)
2277-4745-00E 2277-4745-xxx PCA, Genrad E Machine Side Cage Slot 4(DC Measure Board)
2277-4750-00K 2277-4750-xxx PCA, D/S Reference Board, e Machine Only
2277-478000B 2277-4780-xxx PCA, Genrad
2277-479300A 2277-4793-xxx PCA, Genrad
2277-8026-00 2277-8026-xxx PCA, Genrad
9001-0719-00 2280/81 Fixture Shim
2280-9703-00 2280-9703-00 Frame, Genrad, 10 card system
2280s 2280i Frame, Genrad, 10 card system
2281A-9794-00 2281A Frame, Genrad, Stinger
2281i-971900 2281i Frame, Genrad, 10 card system
0E+00 2283e Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2283e/ICA 2283e/ICA Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2283i 2283i Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2283I-9744 2283I-9744 Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2284e 2284e Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2284E-9849-BR 2284e/ICA Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2284i 2284i Frame, Genrad, 15 card system
2286-4104-00 2286-4104-00 PWRSUP, -15V, -18 (A), -12V (A)  (Pin PS1)
2286-4105-00 2286-4105-00 PWRSUP, +15V, +15 (A), +12V (A)  (Pin PS2)
2286-4106-00 2286-4106-00 PWRSUP, -12V (B), -18V (B)  (Pin PS3)
2286-4107-00 2286-4107-00 PWRSUP, +12V (B), +15V (B)  (Pin PS4)
2286-4110-00 2286-4110-00 PWRSUP, +5V, +15 (A), -15V  (Digital PS)
2286e 2286e Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
0E+00 2286e/ICA Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
2286i 2286i Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
2286-9770 2286VMS FRAME, 2286 VMS
2287e 2287e Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
2287e/ICA 2287e/ICA Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
2287i 2287i Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
2287L 2287L Frame, Genrad, 30 card system
2287LX-9711-00 2287LX FRAME, 2287LX
2291-475303C 2291-4753-xxx PCA, Genrad
2293-4702 2293-4702-xxx PCA, System Mulitplexer
2293-4708 2293-4708 PCA, LTC BD
2410 SourceMeter 2410 SourceMeter Keithley 2410 1100V SourceMeter
2420-0001 2420-0001 nut
2750-479300A 2750 4793-xxx PCA, Genrad
2750-0487-00 2750-0487-xxx Mech, CARD PULLER TOOL
2750-4002 2750-4002-xxx PCA, Genrad 227x card
2750-4697-00 2750-4061-xxx PCA, Genrad 227x card
2750-462000A 2750-4620-xxx PCA, Genrad
27933-09 27933-xx STF
3050-0214 3050-0214 flat washer
3050-0596 3050-0596 flat washer
3065ST 3065ST Frame, 3065 Test System
3101-2996 3101-2996 EMO switch contact block
3101-2997 3101-2997 EMO switch button
3101-3286 3101-3286 testhead rotation switch
3105-0233 3105-0233 emergency shutdown connector
3105-0234 3105-0234 emergency shutdown switch cap
3110-0197 3110-0197 pod door key
3160-0410 3160-0410 fan, 230V Patriot, inside of door PT77B3
3160-0551 3160-0551 finger guard
3160-0890 3160-0890 fan, 230V Falcon, outside of door
3253B 3253B PCA, 3065 ASRU
3282-401900B 3282-4019-xxx PWRSUP, 5vdc@6a; 12 to 15vdc@1a
3282-4025-00 3282-4025-xxx OVP, Genrad 2282
3282-4032-00 3282-4032-xxx OVP, Genrad 2282
34401A 34401A HP Digital MultiMeter
3734X6B24D24/24H 3734X6B24D24/24H PWRSUP, Stinger Lamda PS
3800-0030 3800-0030 PCA
3800-028 3800-028 TR-6 Sys Func -2 w98
3800-035 3800-035 PCA, TR-8 System Card
3800-047 3800-047x PCA, Checksum MPX2-50
3800-048 3800-048x PCA, TR-10 System Module
3800-050 3800-050 PCA, TR-9 Control PCB
3800-052 3800-052 PCA, DIG-1 Digital I/O
3800-057 3800-057x PCA, Checksum X-Point-1
3800-060 3800-060 PCA, MPX-3-200
3800-064 3800-064 PCA, FUNC-2, Functional Test Module
3800-065 3800-065 PCA, SMT-2
3800-070 3800-070 PCA, PWR-2
3800-071 3800-071 PCA, Checksum
3-CMBP-1073 3-CMBP-1073 This board must be returned to Trionics.
404-933-01 404-933-01 PWRSUP, 5v/100a
404-945-00 404-945-00 PWRSUP, 10v/70a ~110v Input
404-945-02 404-945-02 PWRSUP, 10v/70a ~230v Input
405-213-00 405-213-00 PS1 System PS, Lambda UAK2GJJPP-1922
405-214-00 405-214-00 Lambda PS2
407510-012 407510-012 Waveform
407808-001 407808-001 Waveform
4142B 4142B Modular DC Source
44607-61601 44607-61601 Functional port (Red, White) cable
44902-60000 44902-60000 footswitch
44980A 44980A PVF (2 MOD; Single Density)
44990-67915 44990-67915 printer tray (Parchment White)
601-960-XXX 601-960-XXX Alliance 2 G PWRSUP, 20v Alliance PS
6067-0334-00 6067-0334-00 PWRSUP 5v @ 12amp
6067-0337-00 6067-0337-00 PWRSUP 15v @ 4.8amp
6067-0343-00 6067-0343-00 PWRSUP 6v @ 5amp , 15-20v @ .75amp
6067-0353-00 6067-0353-00 PWRSUP 5v @ 200amp
6067-8081 6067-8081 15V 1A Power Supply
6067-8102 6067-8102 5V 6A Power supply
6090-2360-00 6090-2360-00 Contactor, 4 Pole, 20A, LS 05.10  24VDC
620-019-00 620-019-00 PCA, New style DSM
73-180-4039 73-180-4039 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 15v/40a, 12v/50a
73-180-4043 73-180-4043 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 5.2v/50a, 24v/5a, 24v/5a
73-180-4046 73-180-4046 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v x2/240a
73-180-4061 73-180-4061 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 18v/33a
73-180-5024CE 73-180-5024 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 9v/83a, 6v/100a
73-180-5028CE 73-180-5028CE PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 12v/50a. 12v/50a(Test Station)
73-190-1006 73-190-1006 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 12v/50a, 24v/25a, 6v/33a, 15v x2/6a
73-190-4077CE 73-190-1027 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 6v/100a, 12v/50a, 12v/50a, 24v/25a
73-190-4061CE 73-190-4061 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 18v/33a, 12v/10a, 6v/25a, 15v/10a, 24v/10a, 12v/20a, 12v/10a, 12v/10a
73-190-4076CE 73-190-4076 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 5.2v / 50A, 24v / 5A, 24v / 5A
73-190-4079 73-190-4079 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 12v/50a, 18v/33a, 5.2v/50a, 24v/5a, 24v/5a
73-190-4079CE 73-190-4079XX PWRSUP, Astec Module
73-190-6012ce 73-190-6012 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 3.3v x 2 / 300A (2 Slots),18v / 14A, 12v / 10A, 15v / 10A
73-190-6019CE 73-190-6019 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 6v/100a, 24v/25a, 5.2v / 50A, 24v / 5A, 24v / 5A
VS3-B8-B2-B4-00 73-190-6023 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 18v/33a, 5v/150a, 15v/40a
73-190-6026CE 73-190-6026CE PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/120a, 6v/50a, 18v/33a
73-315-005 73-315-005 PWRSUP, Astec Module
73-316-0024 73-316-0024 PWRSUP, Astec 24-28v @25-21.4a
73-316-0105 73-316-0105 PWRSUP, Astec Module, 5v/150a
73-316-012 73-316-012 PWRSUP, Astec 12-15V @50-40a Module
73-316-0124 73-316-0124 PWRSUP, Astec 24-28v @ 31.2-26A
73-316-012X80 73-316-012XXX PWRSUP, Astec Module
73-316-024 73-316-024 PWRSUP, Astec Module
73-316-0401 73-316-0401 PWRSUP, Astec Module, 18v/33a
73-316-4001 73-316-4001 PWRSUP, Astec 18v @33A Module
73-316-4002 73-316-4002 PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 50A Module
73-316-401 73-316-401 PWRSUP, Astec Module
73-316-402X80 73-316-402XXX PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 50a Module
73-316-4033 73-316-4033 PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 100a Module
73-316-4112 73-316-4112 PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 50A Module
73-316-433 73-316-433 PWRSUP, Astec 9v @ 83a Module
73-317-005 73-317-005 PWRSUP, Astec 2-5V 240A Module
73-317-0105 73-317-0105 PWRSUP, Astec Module, 3.3v x2/300a (2 Slots)
73-318-001 73-318-001XXX Astec Input module 115-230v 15A Max 50/60hz
73-450-0001 73-450-0001 Astec Input module 115-230v 15A Max 50/60hz
73-450-001 73-450-001 Astec Input module 115-230v 15A Max 50/60hz
73-495-0233 73-495-0233 PWRSUP, Astec 5v @50A Module
73-495-0255 73-495-0255 PWRSUP, Astec 5V @ 50A Module, 24v@5A, 24v@5A
73-495-333 73-495-333 PWRSUP, Astec 12/15v@21/16A, (2) 4.2-15.8V @10A Module
73-495-4012 73-495-4012 PWRSUP, Astec 18V 14A, 4.2-15.8V 10A, 4.2-15.8v 10A Module
73-495-4013 73-495-4013 PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 42a, 15v @ 10a, 24v @ 5a
73-495-4014 73-495-4014 PWRSUP, 5V @ 50A
73-495-4018 73-495-4018 PWRSUP, Astec 6v @ 42a, 15v @ 10a, 15v @ 10a
73-495-4021 73-495-4021 PWRSUP, Astec  5.12v @25a 12.10v @5a 12.10 v @5a
73-495-4036 73-495-4036 PWRSUP, Astec Module, 18v /14a, 12v/10a, 15v/10a
73-560-0150 73-560-0150 PWRSUP, Astec Module
73-560-4001 73-560-4001 PWRSUP, Astec 6v/50a, 5v/35a, 24v/8.5a, 24v/4a, 24v/2a
7874-0123-00 7874-0123-xxx S7 VACUUM SWITCH NC
7874-0124-00 7874-0124-xxx S6 PRESSURE SWITCH NC
7910-8055-00 7910-8055-xxx S21 Rocker Switch/Tilt
804432-01 804432-01 PCA, I/O Card
8120-5371 8120-5371 CBL, controller to system card LAN cable
8210G54 8210G54 Red Hat Solenoid & Valve
8262G202 8262G202 Genrad vacuum valve
853901-053 853901-053 PWRSUP 15V @ 1amp
853901-054 853901-054 PWRSUP 24V @ 0.7amp
855518-051 855518-051 PWRSUP 5V @ 6amp
855518-053 855518-053 PWRSUP 15V @ 2amp
9001-0074-00 9001-0074-xxx Power Supply
9001-0083-01 9001-0083-xxx OVF
9001-0149-00 9001-0149-xxx OVP
9001-0265-XX 9001-0265-xxx PWRSUP, Alliance supply rack
9001-0266-00 9001-0266-00 PWRSUP, Alliance supply rack
9001-0266-XX 9001-0266-xxx Programmable PS
9001-0297-01 9001-0297-xxx Load AVP Box 228x
9001-0315-00 9001-0315-xxx Astec PS
9001-0368-01 9001-0368-xxx PWRSUP, Fixed User Supply (+5v, +15v,-15v)
9001-0381-01 9001-0381-xxx 10 slot adapter plate
9001-0382-00 9001-0382-xxx 15 slot adapter plate
9001-0383-00 9001-0383-xxx 20 slot adapter plate
9001-0384-00 9001-0384-xxx 18 slot adapter plate
9001-0430-00 9001-0430-xxx PWRSUP, Fixed Supply
9001-0457-00 9001-0457-xxx OVP, New Full Size
9007-0475-00 9001-0475-xxx OVP, New Full Size
9001-0496-00 9001-0496-00 GENRAD PDU
9001-0604-XX 9001-0604-xxx TS System Supply PS2
9001-0605-01 9001-0605-xxx TS System Supply PS1
9001-0614-01 9001-0614-xxx TS System Supply PS3
9001-0655-00 9001-0655-xxx OVP
9001-0715-00 9001-0715-xxx 10 Row Adapter Plate
9002-0135-00 9002-0135-xx Interface Cover, Half Size
9003-0134-00 9003-0134-xxx FOOTSWITCH
9003-0935-00 9003-0935-xxx V5+V6 tilt option
9003-0939-00 9003-0939-xxx Keyswitch
9004-001001L 9004-0010-xxx PCA, Power Monitor
9004-002002OG 9004-0020-xxx PWRSUP, 7v Alliance PS
9004-0025 9004-0025-xxx PWRSUP, 20v Alliance PS
9004002602M 9004-0026-xxx PWRSUP, 60v Alliance PS
9004-002903E 9004-0029-xxx PWRSUP, IEEE controller
9004-0035-00B 9004-0035-xxx PCA, Genrad
9004-0040-001 9004-0040-xxx PCA, AFTM
9004-004500A 9004-0045-xxx PCA, Blank Card
9004-006100C 9004-006100C PCA, Genrad Keypad/Footswitch Connect Card
9004-0108-01J 9004-0108-xxx PCA, MTG
9004-012400A 9004-0124-xxx PCA, Genrad
9004-0151 9004-0151 Genrad Board
9004-0162 9004-0162 Genrad Board
9004-0173-00B 9004-0173-xxx PCA, Pin board, (10 MHz)
9004-0174-00 9004-0174-xxx PCA, Clock Sync Trigger board (10 MHz)
9004-0175-00 9004-0175-xxx PCA, Sequencer board –        (10 MHz)
9004-0182-00A 9004-0182-xxx PCA, HV dc/dc converter
9004-019100H 9004-0191-xxx PCA, VCI
9004-0198-00B 9004-0198-xxx PCA, FTI
9004-022502C 9004-0225-xxx PCA, Combo 2a, SMT
9004-024004 9004-0240-xxx
9004-0246-00A 9004-0246-xxx PCA, 121 Ultra Pin Card
9004-0265-00D 9004-0265-xxx PCA, Reference Board
9004-0284-00 9004-0284-xxx TS87L RECEIVER ADAPTOR
9004-0341000B 9004-0340-xxx PCA, ICA
9004-0341000B 9004-0341-xxx PCA, ICA- High Voltage Card
9004-0384 9004-0384-xx PCA,128 Pin Card Ultra Pin 1
9004-0384 9004-0384-xxx PCA, Ultra 128 pin card (New Combo 1)
9004-0385 9004-0385-xxx PCA, Ultra 124 pin card (New Combo 2)
9004-0386 9004-0386-xx PCA,124 LX Pin Card Ultra Pin 1
9004-0387 9004-0387-xxx PCA, Ultra 124LX (New HDC2)
9004-0399-01H 9004-0399-xxx PCA, MTG
9004-0403-016 9004-0403-xxx PCA, DS REFERENCE
9004-040400C 9004-0404-xxx PCA, ICA Calibrator Daughter board
9004-0405-02A 9004-0405-xxx PCA, HV Daughter Board for ICA
9004-0406-00U 9004-0406-xxx PCA, D/S Reference Board, ICA, REV Critical
9004-0407-00ZC 9004-0407-xxx PCA, ICA
9004-044400C 9004-0444-xxx PCA, ATM
9004-045500J 9004-0455-xxx
9004-0456-00C 9004-0456-xxx PCA, ASM
9004-047500K 9004-0475-xxx PCA, Combo 1a, SMT
9004-0498 9004-0498-xx PCA, High Density Card 1
9004-0498000 9004-0498-xxx PCA, HDC1
9004-0507-00A 9004-0507-xxx PCA, FTI Board
9004-0518-00 9004-0518-xxx 2287L 15 Slot Receiver Adapter
9004-0523 9004-0523-xx PCA, High Density Card 2
9004-0523 9004-0523-xxx PCA, HDC2
9004-0527-010B 9004-0527-xxx
9004-0528-000D 9004-0528-xxx
9004-0582-02A 9004-0582-xxx PCA,  Ultra Clock Sync Trigger
9004061014/A 9004-0610-014 PCA, System Controller 1 DSM
9004061600F 9004-0616-xxx PCA, PIO Controller
9004-0771-02A 9004-0771-xxx PCA, DSM2 128MB
9004-4650-00A 9004-4650-xxx PCA, D/S Reference
9010-0341-01A 9010-0341-xxx PWRSUP, +5V@6A, ±15V@1A Fixed Power Supply, iMachine
9010-0356-00 9010-0356-xxx EPO KIT
9010-0789-01A 9010-0789-xxx PWRSUP, +5v@6a, ±12v@1.3a Fixed Power Supply, iMachine
9010-1296-01A 9010-1296-xxx Computer, Genrad Controller
9010-1713-00 9010-1713-xxx Computer, Genrad Controller
9018-0004-00 9018-0004-00 DEC Keyboard & cable               (PCXAL-AA)
9018-0010-00 9018-0010-00 Computer, DEC 433ST PC with    Keyboard & mouse
9018-0011-00 9018-0011-00 Computer, DEC 433ST PC without Keyboard & mouse
9018-0023-00 9018-0023-00 DEC Monitor & cable                (PCXBV-BC)
9018-0025-00 9018-0025-00 Computer, DEC 466MTE PC with   Keyboard & mouse
9018-0034-00 9018-0034-00 Computer, DEC PENTIUM PC with  Keyboard & mouse
9018-0056-00A 9018-0056-xxx Computer, Genrad Controller
9021-0012-00 9021-0012-00 GPIB IEEE Interface board
9021-0013-01 9021-0013-01 MXI Interface board        (REV B6)
18060 ASSY18060 AT- GPIB
180775E ASSY180775E MXI-1 Card
181830E ASSY181830E AT GPIB Interface
Blue Vacuum Blue Vacuum Blue Vacuum valve for Genrad E systems
73-690-4096 E4000-66203 MPU for 3070 Series II/3 and 79000; MPU in the Testhead
ERX12-5 ERX 12-5 PWRSUP, 12v/5a
ERX24-2.5 ERX 24-2.5 PWRSUP, 24v/2.5a
H181E1 H181E1 Humphrey Solenoid 20-100psi, 24vdc
oring large oring large O-ring large for Zif, (50 Durometer material)
oring small oring small O-ring small for Zif
P15E-12 P15E-12 12v PDU power supply
P15E-15 P15E-15 15V @5 amp
P15E-24 P15E-24 24V @ .7 amp
RBS103 RBS103 PWRSUP +24V @ 4.5A
US50-303 US50-303 PWRSUP +5V 5A +15V 3A -15V 2A
V26965 V26965 Genrad vacuum donut, gasket
VS3-G83-H245-H333-00 VS3-G83-H245-H333-00 PWRSUP, ASTEC PS 5v/120a, 6v/50a, 18v/33a, blank
VS3-K2-B8-B8-00 VS3-K2-B8-B8-00 PWRSUP, Astec Complete PS, 5v/150a, 6v/100a, 18v/33a
K-011-0027 K-011-0027 Air Spring, hood K-011-0027
K-011-0028 K-011-0028 Air Spring K-011-0028
K-013-0003 K-013-0003 X gear belt K-013-0003
K-017-0108 K-017-0108 DC Motor 24V K-017-0108
K-017-0164 K-017-0164 Mydata Conveyor Motor
K-019-0170 K-019-0170 X Wagon Camera K-019-0170
K-019-0189 K-019-0189 Multi-Port Serial Board K-019-0189
K-019-0210 K-019-0210 VGA Video Card K-019-0210
K-029-0015 K-029-0015 Elmo Servo Amp K-029-0015
K-029-0016 K-029-0016 Elmo Power Supply K-029-0016
K-045-0076 K-045-0076 Mydata Gas Spring K-045-0076
L-010-0450 L-010-0450 Linescan Camera L-010-0450
L-010-0708 L-010-0708 Spare Part Kit L-010-0708
L-012-0006C L-012-0006C Centering Unit L-012-0006C
L-012-0037B L-012-0037B Z-Fi unit with motor L-012-0037B
L-012-0414 L-012-0414 X wagon Camera L-012-0414
L-012-0440B L-012-0440B Mydata Hydra Theta Motor
L-012-0512 L-012-0512 Hydra Tool L-012-0512
L-012-0534B L-012-0534B Hydra H02 Tools Yellow
L-012-0535B L-012-0535B Hydra H03 Tools Red
L-012-0572 L-012-0572 Hydra H04 Tools Blue
L-012-0713 L-012-0713 Hydra Head Repair L-012-0713
L-012-0815 L-012-0815 X Wagon Camera L-012-0815
L-012-0816 L-012-0816 Hydra H06 Tools Green
L-012-0824 L-012-0824 Hydra H05 Tools Brown
L-012-338 L-012-338 Mydata Hydra Theta motor H2 head
L-012-809 L-012-809 Mydata HYDRA HZ Motor
L-0139-0105 L-0139-0105 MY500 Conveyor Motor L-039-0105
L-014-0465 L-014-0465 Magazine button L-014-0465
L-015-0431B L-015-0431B Hydra Camera L-015-0431B
L-015-0444 L-015-0444 ML Board Edge Support 0.5-4 mm
L-015-1561 L-015-1561 ML Board Edge Support 3-8 mm
L-019-0004B L-019-0004B Z Motor L-019-0004B
L-019-0007C L-019-0007C Fi Motor w/Enc L-019-0007C
L-019-0009-5 L-019-0009-5 Power supply Unit L-019-0009-5
L-019-0012 L-019-0012 Y wagon motor L-019-0012
L-019-0025-6 L-019-0025-6 YWB2 Y Wagon Bd. L-019-0025-6
L-019-0029 L-019-0029 MOT 1 Board L-019-0029
L-019-0037-3B L-019-0037-3B 3PT1, Test Circuit Brd L-019-0037-3B
L-019-0037-3D L-019-0037-3D 3PT1, Ed-3D Board L-019-0037-3D
L-019-0039-4B L-019-0039-4B Vibration Control Bd. L-019-0039-4B
L-019-0045-2 L-019-0045-2 SKB3 Keyboard L-019-0045-2
L-019-0049-4 L-019-0049-4 MI with MOT 1 L-019-0049-4
L-019-0063-4 L-019-0063-4 WSR X-Safety switch L-019-0063-4
L-019-0075E L-019-0075E XXWT X Wagon Trans L-019-0075E
L-019-008B L-019-008B MyData DC Motor L-019-008B
L-019-0195 L-019-0195 X Motor with cog wheel
L-019-0241-2A L-019-0241-2A CP4 PCB L-019-0241-2A
L-019-0279 L-019-0279 Membrane Pump L-019-0279
L-019-0297B L-019-0297B XXWT X Trans L-019-0297B
L-019-0317-1B L-019-0317-1B ATC AT L-019-0317-1B
L-019-0322-2 L-019-0322-2 Booster 2 Ed 3, PCA L-019-0322-2
L-019-041 L-019-041 Power Booster L-019-041
L-019-043-2B L-019-043-2B Feeder Magazine Bd. L-019-043-2B
L-019-0462 L-019-0462 X wagon Motor L-019-0462
L-019-0618 L-019-0618 XXWT X Wagon L-019-0618
L-019-0619B L-019-0619B X Motor Transducer L-019-0619B
L-019-0625-2B L-019-0625-2B NREG Edition 2B L-019-0625-2B
L-019-065-01 L-019-065-01 TST ed.1 PCA L-019-065-01
L-019-0657-2C L-019-0657-2C ATC2 AT Connector Bd 2
L-019-0714 L-019-0714 Tandem Vacuum Pump
L-019-0719-2 L-019-0719-2 CPP CP5-ISA L-019-0719-2
L-019-0719-3 L-019-0719-3 CPP CP5-ISA Board L-019-0719-3
L-019-0753 L-019-0753 BM3CB with R6 L-019-0753
L-019-0803-3C L-019-0803-3C CP5 Board L-019-0803-3C
L-019-0827-1F L-019-0827-1F Mydata VVG2 L-019-0827-1F
L-019-0827-2C L-019-0827-2C VVG2 Board L-019-0827-2C
L-019-0837-1B L-019-0837-1B LSAD edition 2B L-019-0837-1B
L-019-0892-1 L-019-0892-1 HYDB2 Ed-1
L-019-0991 L-019-0991 VVG2 Ed 1 Card L-019-0991
L-019-1020-1C L-019-1020-1C CP54 edition 1C L-019-1020-1C
L-019-1058 L-019-1058 CPU card without VGA L-019-1058
L-019-1083 L-019-1083 AT-CPU with CP4 L-019-1083
L-019-1150 L-019-1150 AT-CPU PF2, Motherboard L-019-1150
L-019-1152 L-019-1152 AT CPU2 PF2 L-019-1152
L-019-624-1C L-019-624-1C BNB Assembly L-019-624-1C
L-019-624-3 L-019-624-3 BNB Ed 3, PCA L-019-624-3
L-019-652-2C L-019-652-2C TC2 Board L-019-652-2C
L-022-0002C L-022-0002C Centering Unit L-022-0002C
L-022-0050 L-022-0050 Z Fi unit w motors L-022-0050
L-022-0066 L-022-0066 ZFi unit no motors L-022-0066
L-022-0105B L-022-0105B Z-motor Midas L-022-0105B
L-022-0110 L-022-0110 Midas Head L-022-0110
L-022-0189 L-022-0189 Mydata Midas II L-022-0189
L-029-0003 L-029-0003 Mydata SK4 Keyboard
L-029-0036 L-029-0036 WSR2 Board Edition 3 L-029-0036
L-029-0080 L-029-0080 MOT 2 Board L-029-0080
L-029-0091 L-029-0091 PAIB Power amp L-029-0091
L-029-0142 L-029-0142 XWB2 board L-029-0142
L-029-0175B L-029-0175B Centering L-029-0175B
L-029-0191B L-029-0191B Z-lock Solenoids L-029-0191B
L-029-0199B L-029-0199B Vacuum Tube with Z-sensor
L-029-0204C L-029-0204C Fi Motor L-029-0204C
L-029-0243-3 L-029-0243-3 Accuracy Test Board 1 Ed-3
L-029-0276-2B L-029-0276-2B XWB3 Ed-2B X Wagon board 3
L-029-0276-3B L-029-0276-3B MYDATA XWB3 Ed-3B L-029-0276-3B
L-029-037-3 L-029-037-3 TST2 Ed-3 Board L-029-037-3
L-029-0373-4 L-029-0373-4 ZFI Board Ed-4 L-029-0373-4
L-029-0408 L-029-0408 Mydata Centering Unit Motor
L-029-0537 L-029-0537 Mydata Conveyor width motor
L-029-220B L-029-220B TP Calibration Board L-029-220B
L-039-0005 L-039-0005 MY500 Camera L-039-0005
L-039-0007 L-039-0007 MY500 AMP PIM L-039-0007
L-039-0015 L-039-0015 MY500 Control Interface L-039-0015
L-039-0017 L-039-0017 MY500 Control PIEZO L-039-0017
L-039-0031 L-039-0031 MY500 Control HUB L-039-0031
L-039-0055 L-039-0055 MY500 SAF CAN Board L-039-0055
L-039-0061 L-039-0061 MY500 Control PIM Board L-039-0061
L-039-0106 L-039-0106 My500 Conveyor Motor L-039-0106
L-039-0199 L-039-0199 MY500 Power Amp L-039-0199
L-039-0233 L-039-0233 MY500 AMP POM Unit L-039-0233
L-040-1076 L-040-1076 Vision Camera L-040-1076
L-040-1087 L-040-1087 My100 Linescan L-040-1087
L-043-0104 L-043-0104 Mydata X Wagon Encoder
L-049-0001-2 L-049-0001-2 MIB Board L-049-0001-2
L-049-0008 L-049-0008 MOT 3 Board L-049-0008
L-049-0085 L-049-0085 Trackball with E stop L-049-0085
L-049-0088 L-049-0088 BM3CB with R6 L-049-0088
L-049-0118 L-049-0118 Mydata X Wagon Motor L-049-0118 or L-049-118
L-049-0120B L-049-0120B Mydata XXME X Motor transducer
L-049-0162 L-049-0162 MOT3 Ed 3 Front Panel L-049-0162
L-049-0185 L-049-0185 MI Board w/ MOT3 L-049-0185
L-049-0193B L-049-0193B Linescan Power Supply L-049-0193B
L-049-0248 L-049-0248 MOT3D Brd Front Panel L-049-0248
L-049-0564-5B L-049-0564-5B Mydata HYDCB Ed5-B
L-049-0591 L-049-0591 Mydata Power Supply L-049-0591
L-049-0609-3 L-049-0609-3 Mydata XWZB Ed 3
L-049-0682 L-049-0682 Mydata MCB Unit
L-052-0073 L-052-0073 Mydata Vacuum Unit
L-052-0077 L-052-0077 Mydata H3 Z motor
5322 216 04024 5322 216 04024 Philips Vision Board Assy
KG2-M4580-000 KG2-M4580-000 Topaz I O Board Conveyor
KJ0-M4210-320 KJ0-M4210-320 Topaz System Board Assembly
KJ0-M5810-E20 KJ0-M5810-E20 Topaz Driver Board Assembly
KJ1-M5303-000 KJ1-M5303-000 Topaz AC200V Input Assembly
KM5-M5840-004 KM5-M5840-004 Topaz Servo Board Assembly
KM5-M5882-001 KM5-M5882-001 Topaz DC Power Supply
KM5-M6474-000 KM5-M6474-000 Topaz LED Driver Board
10-10063 10-10063 Cable Assembly NC to NC
10-10362 10-10362 Quad PCB with (2) 10-10361
10-12486 10-12486 MVS200 Interconnect PCA
10-15062 10-15062 TEP 188 Q-Series Rev H
10-17921 10-17921 Small cup vacuum support
10-18145 10-18145 Large cup vacuum under board
10-18814 10-18814 QSMIB Daughter Board
10-19283 10-19283 QSX/QSP-2 MIB PCA with QSMIB
10-19516 10-19516 Quad Camera Rev F
10-19727 10-19727 IQ Feeder Base Manager PCA
10-20418 10-20418 QSP 2 Head 1 motor cable
10-20419 10-20419 QSP 2 Head 2 motor cable
10-21038 10-21038 Y servo amp cable
10-21039 10-21039 Cable for QSP-2 Y SERVO MOTOR #2
10-21042 10-21042 Cable, Y limits #1
10-21043 10-21043 Y Limits Cable
10-21044 10-21044 Cable for Y Motor Servo
10-21099 10-21099 Tape Feeder power supply cable
10-21104 10-21104 Tape Feeder Power Cable Assembly
10-22148 10-22148 Light ring with cable
10-22774 10-22774 Nozzle Change Interface PCA
10-22836 10-22836 Dark field illuminator QSX-1
10-23150 10-23150 J1 P4 Headboard Cable 150
10-23151 10-23151 J1 P4 Headboard Cable 151
10-23788 10-23788 Dark field illuminator QSP-2
10-25404 10-25404 P4 head, High resolution
10-27702 10-27702 Brushless DC Motor
1595-5mm 1595-5mm Quad Y Belt 1595-5MM
30-21670 30-21670 Brushless DC Motor KE-23.3 V
40-17897 40-17897 Quad Timing Belt 1790 5MM
50-12468 50-12468 VU7 Camera
8045R2-1 8045R2-1 Quad Keypad Controller
H1T2 H1T2 FLX Servo amplifier Head 1 T2 Amp
H1Z1 H1Z1 FLX Servo amplifier Head 1 Z1 Amp
H1Z2 H1Z2 FLX Servo amplifier Head 1 Z2 Amp
H2T1 H2T1 FLX Servo amplifier Head 2 T1 Amp
H2T2 H2T2 FLX Servo amplifier Head 2 T2 Amp
H2Z1 H2Z1 FLX Servo amplifier Head 2 Z1 Amp
H2Z2 H2Z2 FLX Servo amplifier Head 2 Z2 Amp
LP SPLY LP SPLY FLX Power supply Head 1 LP SPLY
300210 300210 Siemens Half Bridge Rectifier
300577 300577 Siemens Siplace Crash PC Board
300686 300686 Siemens Conversion PC Portal
300696 300696 Siemens Conversion PCB Small Axis
302834 302834 Siemens Station Computer M34
302836 302836 Siemens Siplace Triple Axis PCB
302841 302841 Siemens Siplace +/-15 volt supply
302843 302843 Siemens Servo Amp (DP1,DP2)
302846 302846 Siemens Servo Amp Y Axis
302847 302847 Siemens Servo Amp X Axis
302848 302848 Siemens Dynamic Brake Y Axis
303631 303631 Siemens Siplace Y Axis Motor
310954 310954 Siemens Siplace X Axis Motor
312349 312349 Machine Controller MC1 Left Side
312351 312351 Machine Controller MC2 Right Side
314227 314227 Siemens Motor Unit
316601 316601 Siemens Control Unit Tape Cutter
317818 317818 Siemens Siplace Nozzle Magazine
320927 320927 Siemens Machine Controller Card
321278 321278 Siemens Motor Control Plate Type
342493 342493 Siemens Siplace ICOS PC Board
343253 343253 Siemens Hard Drive w/ floppy
1710460 1710460 Siemens Siplace Input/Output
3200312 3200312 Siemens Siplace Input/Output board
00306385-S02 00306385-S02 Tach Motor 00306385-S02
00316081-03 00316081-03 Calibrating Unit Vision 00316081
00316265S05 00316265S05 Feeder Comm Interface 00316265S05
00318631-02 00318631-02 Siemens Toothed Belt
00323044S05 00323044S05 Nozzle Magazine 00323044S05
003231524S05 003231524S05 Z Axis Sensor 00321524S05
00341780S07 00341780S07 Siemens Turning System complete
00342912-02 00342912-02 Siemens Kit Surge Suppressor
00375681-01 00375681-01 Siemens Sleeve Maintenance 12 Nozzle Head
18106D 18106D GPIB
181832-01 181832-01 GPIB
182685J-01 182685J-01 PCI-MIXI-2
182687B-01 182687B-01 PCI-MIXI-2
182801A-002 182801A-002 CBL, MXI-2
183345A-03 183345A-03 VXI-MXI-2
183345D-02 183345D-02 VXI-MXI-2
183345D-03 183345D-03 VXI-MXI-2
183345E-01_ 183345E-01_ VXI-MXI-2
183345E-02_ 183345E-02_ VXI-MXI-2
183345E-03_ 183345E-03_ VXI-MXI-2
183345G-03 183345G-03 VXI-MXI-2
190F 190F Area Monitor/Frisker Counter
VXZ2360-10N-5GS-B VXZ2360-10N-5GS-B Media Valve
1880-2 Z1880-2 Frame, Teradyne Z1880-2
1888-1-069 Z1888-1 FRAME, Teradyne, Test Head
049-004-01 8851 FRAME, Spectrum 1 mod Test Head
049-003-00 8855 FRAME, Spectrum 4 mod Test Head
43179 43179 STF
451-047-00 45147 PCA, ATB EXTENDER
50229 50229 PCA, 3 Row Extender Card
51068 51068 Teradyne operator control PCB
026-001-00 026-001-00 Ultrapin II 121 Pin Board
026-103-30 026-103-30 Ultrapin II 121a Pin Board (Analog only)
026-001-30 026-001-30 Ultrapin II 124 Pin Board
026-001-60 026-001-60 Ultrapin II 124L Pin Board
026-001-90 026-001-90 Ultrapin II 128L Pin Board
625-117-00 625-117-00 Ultrapin II 128HD Pin Board
601-960-54Ê 601-960-54Ê Alliance 2G 0-7V@15A
601-960-64Ê 601-960-64Ê Alliance 2G 0-20V@8A
601-960-74Ê 601-960-74Ê Alliance 2G 0-60V@2.5A
614-182-00 614-182-00 Alliance 2G Rack Assembly
302051 302051 Rebuild kit for H262H265
302283 302283 Rebuild kit for 8210B54
400200 400200 misc part
1213113 1213113 PCA, Tyrannosaurus PCB
2300050 2300050 Spectrum PDU
2594562 2594562 Keypad Pendant
85921558 85921558 PC Interface board
181062001 181062001 GPIB
9796627704 9796627704 PCA, IPC Control Board
0003340D 0003340D PS/2 Standard US Keyboard
0004220-0001F 0004220-0001x PCA, SMS
0100-1655 0100-1655 air quick-disconnect fitting (female)
0100-1843 0100-1843 1-inch female vacuum coupling
0101-1007 0101-1007 5DX Air Cylinder
0101-1009 0101-1009 5DX Pneumatic Air Valve
02010V 02010V 15″ CRT Monitor
020-451-085 020-451-085 Framescan Probe Holder
023-042-00 023-042-00 OVF, TSLX (New Teradyne OVF)
0340-0732 0340-0732 plastic insulator
0360-0053 0360-0053 ground lug
0400-0119 0400-0119 grommet
0400-0144 0400-0144 strain relief (for 307X umbilical cables)
0400-0257 0400-0257 grommet
0403-0246 0403-0246 leveling foot
041-737-00 041-737-xx 100v Option
043-016-00 043-016-xx PCA, ATB
043-169-xx 043-169-xx Teradyne Shorting Plate
045-001-xx 045-001-xx Frame, Teradyne Z1800
045-026-00 045-026-xx PCA, Test Head Controller
045-028-01 045-028-xx PCA, DR1
045-035-00 045-035-xx PCA, RAB
045-043-00 045-043-xx PCA, Extender DR
045-047-02 045-047-02 PCA, Power Supply Controller (PSC) -02 version
45047-02 045-047-xx PCA, PSC
045-146-xx 045-146-xx PCA EXTENDER
045-147-00 045-147-xx PCA, ATB EXTENDER
045-160-00 045-160-xx PWRSUP, Dual 120vdc
045-203-00 045-203-xx PCA, VP
045-213-00 045-213-xx PWRSUP, Lamda UAKGPPJ1922
45-254-00 045-254-xx STF
045-296-00 045-296-xx PCA, EAA
045-299-00 045-299-xx PCA, RAB
045-305-00 045-305-xx Shorting Plate
045-306-00 045-306-xx Shorting Plate
045-354-00 045-354-xx PCA, Power Supply Test Panel
045-392-02 045-392-xx PWRSUP, T/H DUT
45399-01 045-399-xx PCA, RAB2
045-454-01 045-454-xx PCA, 16 Bit PCIO
045-556-xx 045-556-xx PCA, ATB1
045-557-00 045-557-xx PCA, ATB1
046-001-00 046-001-xx FRAME, Teradyne. Z1880
046-081-00 046-081-xx PCA, DeltaScann
046103-02 046-103-02 FRAME, Teradyne, Test Head
046-146-00 046-146-xx Vac Valve Relay
046-153-00 046-153-xx PCA, DR2
046-213-03 046-172-xx PCA, ATB2
046-215-00 046-215-xx PCA, 100v Option
046-216-00 046-216-xx PWRSUP, Dual 60vdc
046-257-60 046-257-60 CBL, DFP to DR2P
046-274-00 046-274-xx 3v Option
046-306-00 046-306-xx Shorting Plate
46310A 046-310-xx FRAME, Z1860
046-351-00 046-351-xx Interface, Receiver Offset
046-353-00 046-353-00 Manifold to Fixture Vacuum Tube
046-366-01/A 046-366-00 Line Motion Basic Card
046-604-00 046-604-xx PWRSUP, 120v DC
046-833-BO 046-833-BO Interface control bracket
046-870-00 046-870-00 EMERGENCY OFF SWITCH
047-062-00 047-062-xx 3v Option
047-463-00 047-063-00 CBL, PCIO Cable (short)
047-063-00 047-063-xx 3v Option
047-081-03 047-081-xx PCA, DeltaScan2
047-227-00 047-227-xx Wavescan
047-277-00 047-277-xx Wavescan
047-349-00 047-349-xx Analog/Digital connector plate
047-470-00 047-470-xx AC PWR Distribution
047-705-00 047-705-xx STF
048-093-00 048-093-xx Computer, DFP
048-121-00 048-121-xx DUT Rack
048-273-02 048-273-xx Line Conditioning Unit
048-292-00 048-292-xx Prism PS
048-470-00 048-470-xx 3v Option
049-147-00 049-147-00 8852 Shorting Plate
049-148-00 049-148-00 8855 Shorting Plate
049-156-01 049-156-01 PRO DUT CHASSIS
049-156-00 049-156-xx PWR SPLY PRGM DUT CHASSIS
049-181-00 049-181-xx TB1/TB2 terminal plate
049-220-00 049-220-xx PWR SPLY ASSY, VXI T/H CAGE
049-227-00 049-227-xx Vacuum Valve Assy.
049-278-00 049-278-xx T/H inhibit plate
049-279-00 049-279-xx PWR SPLY PRGM DUT 1K CHASSIS
049-424-00 049-424-00 DFP Computer
049-447-00 049-447-xx PCA, DeltaScan2
049-534-00 049-534-00 Shorting Plate
051-003-00 051-003-xx PCA, DR2P
051-004-00 051-004-xx Spectrum Prism
051-006-00 051-006-xx PS Control Board
051-010-00 051-010-xx FIB
051-016-00 051-016-xx PCA, UNK
051-017-00 051-017-xx Wavescan
051-027-00 051-027-xx PCA, DR2D
051-041-02 051-041-xx PCA, Spectrum VP
051-044-00 051-044-xx PCA, CC2 Master
051-045-00 051-045-xx PCA, CC2 Expander
051-046-00 051-046-xx VP Extender
051-047-00 051-047-xx STF
051-048-00 051-048-xx PCA, VP3
051-059-00 051-059-xx Spectrum Mini FIB
051-062-00 051-062-xx Spectrum, VXI Extender Board
051-063-00 051063-xx Spectrum VP Extender Terminator
051-064-00 051-064-xx Spectrum, MINI Extender Board
051-068-00A 051-068-00A MISC
051-068-00B 051-068-00B Operators Control Panel  (REV B)
051-071-00 051-071-xx PCA, Prism Z
051-085-00 051-085-xx PCA, DR2A
051-091-00 051-091-00 Prog DUT Supply Controller
051-092-00 051-092-00 5.5v/24v/24v
051-092-01 051-092-01 5.5v/52v/52v
051-092-02 051-092-02 5.5v/52 Boost/52v
051-092-03 051-092-03 5.5v/5.5 Boost/24v
051-092-04 051-092-04 5.5v/5.5 Boost/52v
051-092-06 051-092-06 Spectrum DUT Power Supply
051-092-07 051-092-07 Spectrum DUT Power Supply
051-092-08 051-092-08 5.5v/24v/95v
051-092-09 051-092-09 5.5v/52v/95v
051-093-00 051-093-xx PRGM DUT SPLY BACKPLANE
051-113-00 051-113-xx PCA, 32 Bit PCIO Card
051-114-00 051-114-xx PCA, CC2A Master
051-115-00 051-115-xx PCA, CC2A Expander
051-116-02 051-116-xx PCA, Spectrum VP2
051-129-00 051-129-00 PCA, CC3 Master
051-130-00 051-130-00 PCA, CC3 Expander
051-166-00 051-166-00 PCA, CCC Card
051-166-03 051-166-xx PCA, 32 Bit CCC
051-254-00 051-254-xx STF
051-399-00 051-399-xx PCA, Prism
0515-0193 0515-0193 cap screw, left side cradle cover
0515-0335 0515-0335 fan finger guard screw
0515-0372 0515-0372 T10 Torx screw (M3 by 8-mm)
0515-1922 0515-1922 screw, 4-mm by 12-mm, T20
0515-1953 0515-1953 6-mm by 40-mm screw ((5-mm hex)
0515-1987 0515-1987 5-mm shoulder screw
0515-2477 0515-2477 4-mm by .07-in (16-mm) screw
0515-2478 0515-2478 M4 x 8mm screw
0535-0066 0535-0066 fan finger guard nut
0536-1-1051 0536-1-1051 PCA, CCC Card
0536-1-1218 0536-1-1218 PCA, CCC Card
0570-1577 0570-1577 screw, dress
0590-1366 0590-1366 nut, captive
061-564-cc 061-564-cc RMX 24-A PS
06-212A 06-212A PCA, Single Row Extender Card
06C48835 06C48835 Powertronix Line Conditioner 2.3KVA
0890-1691 0890-1691 black air tubing (1-foot)
0890-1937 0890-1937 cable braid, black (for 307X umbilical cables)
090-001-00U 090-001-xx Computer, DFP
090-250-00 090-250-xx PCA, DeltaScan
090-305-00 090-305-xx PCA, DeltaScan
090-309-00 090-309-xx VXI-MXI-2
090-315-00 090-315-xx Computer, DFP CCC
090-327-00 090-327-xx PCA, DeltaScan2
090-438-00 090-438-xx PCA, Disconnect Daughter Card
090-439-00 090-439-00 PCA, Deltascan II disconnect board
091-531-00 091-531-00 PCA SET, SDLM-10CDV & SDLM-20BDV
091-548-00 091-548-xx 5v/2v/24v Power Supply
091-550-00 091-550-00 PCA, S68K-01-CP
091-658-00 091-658-xx PCA, DeltaScan2
091-907-00 091-907-xx PS2 System
0950-2658 0950-2658 DDS2 Tape Drive
0950-2701 0950-2701 PWRSUP, Astec HP 725 controller
0950-2770 0950-2770 DELTA POWER SUPPLY 356AB 50-60HZ
0950-4480 0950-4480 Power Supply, 400W, 4 output
0KD944 0KD944 Mouse
100-8MA 100-8MA MISC
100-PRP2503L 100-PRP2503L Teradyne Interface Pins
101-150 101-150 Checksum Cable
102116-0200 102116-0200 Vacuum Pump
10525-40003 10525-40003 probe body
106M-4018248-94 106M-4018248-94 Safe Cracker
44B 44B PCA, Q-RAM
488-032 488-032 PWRSUP, Faceless 0-55v Kepco PS
489-110D 489-110D GM Pancake Probe
51002-02 51002-XX PCA, PPSC
5270-0037-00 5270-0037-xxx V5 V6 SOLENOID
53131A 53131A HP Universal Counter
581-250-00 581-250-00 Relay
72218BN3TN00N0L222P3 72218BN3TN00N0L222P3 Teradyne Vacuum Valve – included with vac solenoid
8210B54 8210B54 Teradyne Valve ASC PN 1″ inlet for main vacuum
8210G093 8210G093 Teradyne ASCO PN
8215B50 8215B50 Teradyne Vacuum Valve – included with vac solenoid
8262A265 8262A265 Teradyne Vacuum Valve – included with vac solenoid
8262N265 8262N265 Teradyne ASCO PN for Fixture vaccuum
9001029601 9001-0296-xxx OVP, Half-Size
501-318-00 AML11CBE3EA Cancel S6
501-319-00 AML11FBE3EA Start S5
061-092-00 AML21CBE3BA Cancel S6
060-965-00 AML21CBE3BB Interface Vacuum S2
061-093-00 AML21FBE3BA PCB AStart S5
060-365-00 AML21FBE3BB Power Control S1
062-031-00 AML24EBA3BC04 Fixture Vacuum 1 & 2 S3 & S4
062-033-00 AML51-C10A Cancel Lens (Square Amber) S6
063-285-00 AML51-C10W Interface Vacuum Lens (White) S2
063-286-00 AML51-F10A Power Control Lense (Rectangular Amber) S1
074-72x-00 AML51-F10G Start Lens (Green) S5
062-032-00 AML51-F10W Fixture Vacuum 1 & 2 Lense (White Rocker S3& S4
074-76X-00 AML71SCB Barrier (2 per) S6
JQE-552-22975 JQE55-2 PWRSUP, Kepco PS
SP37.00-A0 SP37.00-A0 Teradyne PDU 3Pole Contactor (Type AEG)
049-408-01 Z1803 FRAME, Z1803
047-201-01 Z1805 FRAME, Z1805
045-301 Z1820 z1820
46001-01 Z1840 FRAME, Z1840
046-301-02 Z1860 FRAME, Z1860
048-001-04 Z1880-1 FRAME, Z1880-1
049-408-00 Z1888-2 FRAME, Teradyne, Test Head
046-801-04 Z1890 FRAME, Z1890
1006236 1006236 Conveyor Width Motor 1006236
1006957 1006957 Squeege Motor 1006957
1008606 1008606 Rear Conveyor Motor 1008606
1008855 1008855 Table Alignment Motor
1009070 1009070 SigmaPrint Master 1009070
1009071 1009071 Print PCB 1009071
1010728 1010728 Feed Assembly 1010728
1013084 1013084 Align Board 1013084
10004176 10004176 Power Supply F
200-0032 VM-16 5218 Cognex Vision Card for MPM Printer
200-0035 Cognex Video Mixer Card
200-00972 Cognex MVS 8100 Frame Grabber 200-00972
21-1035-0B Advanced Micro Systems PC Board
755A-01 Camera Encoder
AD8-16 AD8-16 ADA-8 A/D Counter Timer
M051333 Camera Motor 1008423
P000298 P000298 SPM Assembly Z Motor
P0222 P0222 PS2 Power Supply 12VDC
P0447 P0447 MPM SPM Footswitch
P0878 P0878 Driver Module Assembly
P0924 P0924 SPM Stepper Motor Z
P1279 P1279 Bi Directional TTL Digital I/O Board
P1281 P1281 MPM I/O Module Boards
P1578 P1578 Stepper Motor 1.8 Degree
P1666 P1666 Pressure Control Board
P1717-P1719 P1717-P1719 MPM SPM Valve noise supressors
P1818-3 P1818-3 MPM SPM Split Screen Box
P2282 P2282 Bipolar Driver Module Assembly
P2311 P2311 MPM SPM Driver Step Module
P2335 P2335 Wiper Carriage Motor
P2360 P2360 MPM SPM Sensor
P3013 P3013 SPM Fluid Dispenser Pump
PC-101 PC-101 Motion Controller Interface
PC-102 PC-102 Digital I/O Interface
PC-103 PC-103 MPM Analog Buffer Board
PC-201 PC-201 MPM SPM I/O Board
PC-250 PC-250 MPM SPM logic Board
PC-251 PC-251 MPM SPM PC-251
PC3406A PC3406A Pac Sci Servo PC3406A
PMA22B-0100-00 PMA22B-0100-00 Table Motor PMA22b
WV-CD1BW MPM Screen Printer Camera