Ash Vision ION Handheld


  • Screen size and resolution: 4.3’’ diagonal TFT display, 480×272
  • Magnification Far focus: 4x-8x & Near focus:7x-14x
  • Image storage mode100 images in 480 x 272pixels, 24-bit bitmap format transferable to PC via USB link
  • Depth of field: 3.5cm in overview, 1.5cm close
  • Dimensioning cursors/grids
  • Sensor: 3MP CMOS, RGB565 video at 30fps
  • Battery: Lithium Ion Up to 5 hours, charge time 4 hours
  • Connection cable Micro USB cable
  • Charger supply 100V – 240Vac 50/60Hz with supplied adaptor
  • Unit supply voltage 5V dc, micro-USB connector
  • Weight 225 grams

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