Genrad Corrupt License or System Code Error



If you have a Genrad system that is giving you a license corrupt or system code error, the most likely issue is the battery on the motherboard of the PC is faulty.
First, check the date and time on the system. If it is not correct, update the information.

Turn the PC off and wait about a minute.

Turn the PC ON. If the date and time are correct carry and if not, replace the 3v battery on the motherboard.
If the info is correct, you can continue.

The steps below must be done once the information is correct

Turn the system power on, open the Genrad software and run the auto-calibration routines for the ICA, D/S Reference and AFTM boards.  These boards have memory chips that must be updated.

Now, run the full diagnostics. You should not see any errors.

Once the diagnostics have completed and everything is functioning properly, you can resume testing product